Lincoln The Goat Is The First Pet Mayor Of Fair Haven, Vermont

Lincoln The Goat Is The First Pet Mayor Of Fair Haven, Vermont

Fair Haven Vermont is a sleepy little town of just over 2500 residents, and they have just elected a new mayor. This may not seem like big news, until you have a look at the candidates, that is! In the running were several dogs and cats, a gerbil named Crystal and the eventual winner, a 3-year-old Nubian goat named Lincoln.

That's right, Fair Haven has elected their very first Pet Mayor! 

With a name like Lincoln, this cloven-hoofed cutie was a shoe-in for political success, defeating 16 other furry friends for the coveted title.

Lincoln was chosen by the townspeople for the one-year post at the community’s Town Meeting Day. He will officially take office on Tuesday.

Fair Haven does not have a human mayor, so Lincoln will have to take on the normal duties of the office. These include, appearances at the Spring Fling Festival and the annual Apple Fest.

Lincoln will also march in the Memorial Day parade wearing a custom-made sash.

You may think electing a Pet Mayor is silly, but it was all done for a good cause. The mayoral candidates asked every voter for a $5.00 donation to help raise funds for the local playground.  The election only raised about $100.00, but every little bit counts.

Town manager Joseph Gunter, who spearheaded the event, says the community also benefited in other ways.  For one, it helped introduce the elementary school children to the voting process.  

We wish Lincoln good luck for his 2019 reign as mayor!

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