Let's not worry about JD Martinez' Instagram posts

Let's not worry about JD Martinez' Instagram posts

Sometimes, criticism is deserved. Sometimes, it's not.

That said, we should try to be nice and not hate on JD Martinez for a couple of his Instagram posts from a couple years ago.

This is not to say players should or shouldn't go around advertising all of their political beliefs and stuff. That's their choice. They can do it. People can react how they wish. But I don't know about you, I'm still pumped up that JD Martinez is on the Red Sox. The guy is a Triple Crown candidate at this point.

Here is a serious point though: one of his posts that was "controversial" was him disagreeing with Adolf Hitler. That's right: he disagreed with Hitler and he's being criticized. I thought that was like the one guy we could all agree was bad. But nah, he had to address his past social media postings.

Considering the stuff that has been dug up said by other players that's flat out ugly and vulgar, the posts in question seem very mild. People can disagree with his takes as they wish. This is the United States of America. They have the right to do that. But I'd love for the media to focus on how good of a season he is having, not on two Instagram posts he made five years ago.

Now, let's be excited about the fact that the Red Sox are in first place. They have a pair of MVP candidates on their squad this season. This could be a really special season. It's the kind of team that doesn't come around too often. It's the kind of team that should make you want to watch baseball--even in September. The other sports are cool, but don't forget about the Red Sox when their seasons start up. They're dominant this season.

The end.

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