Let’s Get Quacking! Boston Duck Tour Was Awesome!

As a Bostonian there are a few boxes you must check even if they fall into the “Touristy” category.    One of them is certainly riding a duck boat run by the famous “Boston Duck Tours”.

Unless you are on a Championship winning team and get to take a ride during a celebration parade you must get yourself a ticket like the rest of us mortals.  You can grab them here or you can shop up at one of their 3  locations the same day and  get tickets then; Tours from the Museum of Science and Prudential Center depart every hour or half hour and tours from the New England Aquarium leave every 20 minutes from 9am until an hour before sunset

I am almost ashamed to admit, that I have lived in Boston my whole life and have never taken the plunge on a tour so before I went I did what most of us technology dependent people do, I looked up a video on Youtube (actually my 5 year old son did). This gave us a good “What to expect” overview and pumped us up a bit for our experience:


We headed down to the Museum of Science for our tour, tickets were available at their kiosk and you could also get some duck lips to use on the tour and to annoy everyone around you for years to come! They sell some other duck related items that might tickle your fancy as well.

After a short wait we boarded our duck boat and we were on our way.  They took a photo of your party while boarding which you could purchase after your journey (ours came out great so we left with an awesome photo souvenir).  Upon entering the Duck Boat you got a sense of  what was to come, the seats were cozy and a sense of nostalgia set in for me personally as many sports legends road these ducks during our championship parades!  Also, I noticed that the ceilings of the Duck Boat had the signatures of military veterans & active duty service men/women.  This came into play during our ride when the “ConDucktor” asked anyone on board if they were part of our Armed Forces and invited them to sign the roof!

As far as the tour itself you hit up a lot of the spots in Boston that are a must see.  In fact, here is a list of all of them on the Duck Tours website:  Check it here. 

I don’t want to play spoiler to all that happens on the tour and each tour provides a little bit of a different flair but a couple of awesome things that happened on our tour:

-Our “ConDucktor” was hilarious and provided us with ongoing entertainment in addition to the great sights.  He had a couple of good jokes and a few that (probably intentionally) were so corny we gave the obligatory laugh to comfort him.

– My son got to drive the Boat for a few minutes when we were in the water.  He was so pumped to do so and we got some great pictures of him acting as the captain.

– We were seated near a few tourists that provided us with some fun commentary of their own as it was their first time in Boston.

-We quacked at a few pedestrians walking by.  They gave us a laugh and a wave.

-Many people point at the boat and appear to be jealous that they are walking and not riding an awesome Duck Boat.

Overall it was a great time, my kids loved it and even though I have lived in Boston my whole life I enjoyed it as well.  So do yourself a favor and check the box at some point soon.  You won’t regret it!


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