Let Jae Crowder be

The last thing the NBA needs is any more drama.

It’s the National Basketball League. Not anything else. The purpose is to field good basketball teams. If anyone wants a good soap opera to watch, I’ve got a list of ’em for ya. But when it comes to the Boston Celtics, those ain’t relevant. Neither is any sort of controversy surrounding small forward Jae Crowder.

Pretty much, Crowder wasn’t happy to hear fans in cheering for an opposing small forward, so he did what any good man in 2017 does — he went to the internet and complained.

And no, the caps lock doesn’t indicate he’s mad.


Here’s a Crowder style tweet: @CJC9BOSS: THIS PIZZA IS DECENT

Crowder isn’t mad though. He even deleted his tweets that hinted that he might want out of Boston and he has since said he has no issue playing in it.

There’s no reason to get on him, just because he felt emotions.

That was too easy, folks. Way too easy.

For real though, he clearly wants to be “the guy” in Boston. Crowder is a small forward in Boston. He was probably disappointed there are people who like someone other than him, especially when he’s quite good.

Thus far, he’s put up 13.3 points per game and five rebounds. Superstar small forward? No. Not at all. But he’s a sound player and there’s no complaints there. The Celtics have a superstar though — and his name is Isaiah Thomas, in case you were living under a rock.

So yeah, Crowder is the Celtics small forward and you shall only root for him because, well, geography. No one is allowed to like other teams, because he said so. Seriously though, don’t get on him. Pro athletes aren’t perfect and he didn’t really mean harm by what he said.

In other words, let it be.

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