Legendary NBA head coach offers HUGE praise for Tacko Fall

Legendary NBA head coach offers HUGE praise for Tacko Fall

If you want to feel good about Tacko Fall, then keep reading.

The man who has been all of the rage this summer, drove Yabusele out of Boston and is 7-foot-6 seems to have a little bit of talent.

This is the assessment longtime NBA head coach Stan Van Gundy came up with...

"I think he's going to get opportunities," Van Gundy said. I don't think there's any doubt about that. Even though the league has evolved away from big guys being central figures, there's still a role for them, particularly on the defensive end protecting the rim."


This really seems to be spot on.

These days, as Celtics fans obviously know, the roles have changed. Brad Stevens has said in the past that it is his objective to put the five best players out on the court -- even if they're not all technically different positions. People want talent and some teams have talent backed up at one spot and not another.

However, since Fell is a capable defender and the C's dumped their 2016 draft-and-stash guy, there looks to be a role for Fall on the roster. There's no guarantees just yet, but it seems like a pretty good prediction for sure.

Seeing how Jaylen Brown liked a tweet on Instagram urging the Celtics to make it official with Fall, it's fair to say things are going pretty well.

Obviously, we're pulling for everyone on the Celtics to do well, but there is something special about a guy who has taco in his name and is about 25 feet tall.

Even if he were the worst player in NBA history, those two facts alone would make him an all-time great -- and that's what one has to respect about Tacko Fall. Even if he's not the greatest, he's still the greatest (if that makes sense).

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