Kyrie Irving OK with LeBron coming to Boston if it happens

Kyrie Irving OK with LeBron coming to Boston if it happens

Kyrie Irving deserves a lot of credit.

Not only did he end up being a great asset to the Boston Celtics in a deal where some people (guilty as charged) thought the Celtics gave up a little too much for him, but he has the makings of a team player as well.

We all know the story of why he wanted to get out of Cleveland in the first place right? It's because him and LeBron James had beef--probably because he knew LeBron can't win on his own, as we saw this season.

Well, your boy LeBron could opt out of his contract this summer and sign with another NBA team, and there's a chance that team could be the Boston Celtics. So, of course, the crooked media, who very much loves cooking up controversy in exchange for clicks and pageviews (because let's be honest, it's not to sell newspapers anymore), had to ask Kyrie about it. Here's what he said:

"In this business, I've kind of experienced it all and I've seen a lot, so we'll see what management decides," Irving said told WEEI.

"Obviously, it's a business at the end of the day," he added. "Ownership and management, they're going to feel what's best for our future and I'm fully supportive of (them). We'll see what happens."

OK, so let's break that down.

He's probably uncomfortable with that question, but that's OK. This guy seems like the kind of guy who wants to win basketball games. The fact that he didn't just flat out say no and that he supports ownership means he deserves a lot of credit. The same could be said for any time that people are willing to put their differences aside in order to achieve a common goal. That's what teamwork is all about--and it is beautiful.

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