Keytar Bear

What’s more unusual than seeing a grown man in a bear costume? A grown man in a bear costume playing the keytar. While that something you’d imagine, in Boston you’d just be crossing paths with Keytar Bear who is a celebrity.

This guy picked up his keytar and a Halloween costume from Ted and started what has become a beloved gig along the MTBA lines. Performing songs ranging from Michael Jackon’s Beat it, to Bruno Mars’ Locked out of Heaven, he was an instant hit among the locals.

Keytar Bear has achieved all this not just for this uniquely original trend that he’s started, but also for his ability as an artist. He’s always had his paws full since then with a constant flow of invites and offers. There is more to Keytar Bear beyond his costume and tunes. He has also been a mascot for anti-racism campaigns and the face of quite a few gigs and a hit on YouTube.

But this doesn’t mean he hasn’t had to claw past some obstacles. Two assaults over the last two years have led to the destruction of his instrument on both occasions. Despite this and a few hibernation breaks, Keytar Bear continues to be a popular icon in the streets of Boston.

In fact, he’s even won Boston’s “Best Song of the year” award in 2014 for a medley, claimed the title of the city’s “Best Street Performer” in 2015, and is the first man-bear in the world to do so!

While the costume and his unusual choice of instrument certainly help him stand out, his attitude and pranks are what ensure his acts are always enjoyable and never dull. Keytar Bear is a paw-sible legend among the citizens of Boston and is definitely one of the best street performing artists around. If you’re in town and haven’t bumped into him yet, you’re missing out!

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