Kenny Britt could be a steal for the Patriots

Kenny Britt could be a steal for the Patriots

If Bill Belichick and Bob Kraft gets arrested for theft soon, it’s well-deserved.

This is because the New England Patriots may have pulled off one of the all-time heists in NFL history this week when they signed wide receiver Kenny Britt to a 2-year deal. Here’s why that’s such a good deal.

According to ESPN, the Patriots added Britt for the veteran minimum this season ($900k) and then $1.5 million next season. However, with incentives, Britt has a chance to bump that up to $2 million with incentives and if the Patriots do not exercise his option, he will become a free agent.

Now, consider this: the Cleveland Browns inked Britt to a 4-year deal worth $32.5 mil prior to this season. The Patriots will be getting the same player for a fraction of that price. And yes, Britt is good. He didn’t have the time of his life (as Sergio Dipp would say) in Cleveland, but he did exceed 1,000 receiving yards last year with the Rams despite Jared Goff being the team’s quarterback.

If we’re jumping to conclusions here, Malcolm Mitchell probably isn’t coming back this season at any point. Britt is more similar to Mitchell and Brandin Cooks in terms of his playing style than he would be to the likes of Danny Amendola and Chris Hogan.

Although Britt has only caught 18 of the 38 passes intended for him this season, it does not mean his career is over. After all, in 2013, he only had 11 receptions on 35 targets with the Tennessee Titans. However, a season later, he had nearly 750 receiving yards with the Rams. Not bad.

So to answer your question: yes, he should probably be more useful to the team than Michael Floyd was year. But hey, we’ll see. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t.

Still, it’s a low-risk high-reward scenario, so it’s worth the meager stipend for the Patriots.

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