Jonny Gomes hired by DBacks, but not to broadcast

Jonny Gomes hired by DBacks, but not to broadcast

The Boston Red Sox broadcasts might end up looking a little different next season.

That's because Jonny Gomes got hired by an actual MLB team in a coaching role. Previously, he was the fill-in color guy we all complained about while watching games on NESN.

Now, it looks like he is going to be the Diamondbacks outfield and baserunning coordinator, whatever that means. It sounds like a very important spring training job but after that, who knows what he'll do? Regardless, it's a step up from his previous gig as their rookie ball hitting coach.

Seriously though, it's kind of a funny spot to put him in. Does anyone actually remember Jonny Gomes stealing a base or making a great defensive play because I sure as heck don't. The guy could mash left-handed pitching and come up big in clutch situations but he has a 2.8 career WAR on baseball reference--and 9.9 of that comes from his offense. And no, I'm not joking. His career dWAR was -12.9, so he's not exactly the guy to be coaching defense if we're just going off those metrics.

However, this sounds like it is going to be a full-time job which means we might not see him on NESN anymore. Oh no! That's too bad. Maybe they'll get someone a little more uh... polished to do the job instead.

As much as I loved Jonny Gomes the player, he was not a great listen during the broadcasts. It's like NESN didn't let his full personality shine through or something. Whatever it was, maybe this is exactly the opportunity Lenny DiNardo needs to finally get up into that broadcasting booth and to shine because he seems like he would be great at it.

Best of luck to Gomes outside of Boston, and thanks for 2013.