Transport Back To The 1950s At This New Hampshire Diner

Transport Back To The 1950s At This New Hampshire Diner

Do you ever long for simpler times when all food was comfort food and rock music was loud and optimistic? At Joey’s Diner in Amhurst, New Hampshire it is always the 1950s!

Decked out in black and white tile, red vinyl chairs, and mirrored walls, this spot is a true blast from the past.

Joey's Diner serves all your favorites seven days-a-week!

Breakfast is served all day every day so you can always indulge your cravings. Enjoy a delicious omelette or one of Joey's Signature Breakfasts.

The website does not offer descriptions, but these combos have intriguing names such as the General MacArthur, the Elvis Presley Breakfast, and the 1950s Special.

Those with a sweet tooth will definitely find satisfaction. Choose from pancakes choked with chocolate, white chocolate or butterscotch chips. Choose blueberry crepes, classic French Toast or enjoy it stuffed with fruit. 

Joey's also makes their own Greek pastries!

Lunch and dinner bring their own array of delicious, homey specials. In addition to their wide variety of classic soups, salads, and sandwiches, Joey's offers classic American dishes like homemade chicken pot pie, meatloaf, and meaty, delicious American Chop Suey. 

The menu even includes the ever-controversial Liver & Onions for those who are into that kind of thing!

Their burgers and hot dogs are served on buttered, grilled buns just like you remember from the Good Old Days.

And speaking of the Good Old Days, seniors have their own menu of smaller portioned favorites.

No diner meal would be complete without an authentic ice cream float or frappe!

Joey's even bottles their own Root Bear, Cream Soda, and Raspberry Lime Rickey.

 So look for the shiny chrome exterior and the sign with the classic red convertible. Grab a vintage vinyl booth, choose your favorite 1950s classic from the jukebox, and order up your favorite nostalgic meal!

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