Jimmy Hayes not working out in Boston

Remember when the Boston Bruins added a talented forward before the 2015-2016 season and everyone was excited because he was from Dorchester? Yeah. That was awesome. Would be cool if that excitement stayed though. It can’t though, because there is no reason to be excited about it anymore.

Yes, Jimmy Hayes plays for the Bruins. And yes, the right winger looked like he was on the rise, coming off a 35 point season in his first NHL season. In his first year, he kind of disappointed. OK. That’s fine. New team and everything. He wasn’t like bad or anything like that. And then there’s this year…

Through 17 games of the 2016-2017 season, Hayes was a dud. He had not done really much of anything yet. No goals. No assists. So yeah, no points. On 32 shots, he hadn’t found the back of the net yet. Oh yeah, and his plus minus rating was -10.

Honestly, say whatever you want about that stat, that it’s not relevant and all that. All I’m saying is his rating was the lowest on the team and Zdeno Chara’s was the best. That’s got to mean something.

On November 24, the Bruins ranked about the top-10 worst scoring teams in the NHL. That’s because their veterans haven’t been scoring at the clip the B’s are accustomed to and the younger guys have not picked up for them much. But when you look at a guy like Hayes who has done nothing this season, one has to wonder what’s up.

Clearly, the B’s don’t like what they see in him right now since he’s only averaging about 10 minutes per game. They’re doing what they can to not play him. Maybe this is just one of those deals that didn’t work out. See: Zac Rinaldo. Speaking of which, Rinaldo only has one goal in 15 games for Providence.


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