Jerry Remy ain't going nowhere!

Jerry Remy ain't going nowhere!

There's some good news on the Jerry Remy front.

The bad news, of course, is that is that he had the relapse with cancer. Our thoughts are obviously with him and we wish him nothing but the best on that front. He's great at his job and is very entertaining but on top of that, he's a human being and he's been through the kinds of things you wouldn't even wish on your worst enemy.

But he has made it clear: he is committed to being the Red Sox color commentator. That's right, he made it abundantly clear this week that he has no plans to retire.He wants to be back next year and you know what? I'm fall for it. He is the kind of guy who deserves to go out on his own terms and hopefully, that's not for a very long time.

Everyone knows Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy was the true dream team of broadcasters. They had some good chemistry which made for a lot of memorable moments. It was sad enough when Orsillo got the boot from Boston, so we can't afford to lose the other legend. Granted, Dennis Eckersley is awesome too, but having both Eck and Remy is key. Plus, Eck isn't exactly the youngest guy either, so you don't want to lose both of them. They're both national treasures.

One name I've heard as a potential successor down the road as the color guy is Nomar Garciaparra because he does work with the Dodgers. It's not even something we should be thinking about at the moment, but man, that would be quite something as well. Still, we'd rather RemDawg without a doubt. However, a clear solution does need to be in the back of NESN's mind so we're not stuck with Steve Lyons and Jonny Gomes.

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