Jayson Tatum wants to spend his career in Boston

Jayson Tatum wants to spend his career in Boston

Jayson Tatum knows the business of basketball. He knows his name is coming up in trade rumors, but he reaffirmed his commitment to the city of Boston in a recent interview with ESPN.

The young standout is having a pretty good season, if we are being completely honest. The former third overall pick is averaging 16.5 points per game with 6.3 rebounds and one whole steal per contest. He's only 20 years old. He's getting better. There is a chance he develops into something really special.

With all of this in mind, here is what he had to say about seeing his name in trade rumors.

“You start to understand that this is a business,” Tatum said. “I play basketball and I just got to control what I can control. I love being on the Celtics. I want to be there my whole career.”

He also told the self-proclaimed "Worldwide leader in sports" that losing in the NBA semifinals last year to the Cleveland LeBron Jameses really motivated him for this season.

“This season, you’re scratching and itching to get back to that moment because you don’t want to have the same feeling we had last year,” he said.

So yeah, that's really cool that he wants to be a part of Boston and that he wants to win basketball games. It's also cool that, on paper, the Celtics are supposed to be the best team in the NBA's Eastern Conference now that Cleveland is just the Cavaliers again and the LA Lakers are now the LeBron James/Lavar Ball co-op. Just kidding, Lavar has no real influence over anything.

But yeah, maybe the Celtics should think about extending Tatum at some point. The guy is clearly committed to the team. They could use more players like that. Every single team in the league could...

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