Jaylen Brown turns down big contract extension offer

Jaylen Brown turns down big contract extension offer

People are going to have disagreements on this one because there are a few different ways to look at it.

One angle is that he made a big mistake and fans should be a little annoyed that he didn't take the offer. Another angle is that he was smart to not take the offer because he could get more money elsewhere -- and fans respect that decision.

And, of course, the other angle would be fans who are thankful he didn't take the offer because they felt as though the Celtics were being ripped off.

Alright, so that is the basic synopsis of the whole Jaylen Brown situation. As many of you must know by now, the Celtics offered him a four-year extension worth $80 million, and he turned it down...

Honestly, I was a little surprised a young guy would turn down that kind of life-changing money, but he must think he's better than that and worth more. It's possible. The contracts handed out in the NBA are downright insane. Remember, there was a time where Chris Conley, formerly of the Memphis Grizzlies, was the highest-paid player of all-time. The guy had never been an All-Star and yet, his salary exceeded what Michael Jordan was making in the late 90s (no, not when accounting for inflation, of course, but the dollar total not accounting for it was higher).

I guess this is kind of a good thing because Brown must think he's going to do better this year than he ever has for the team. If not, then taking that kind of money would have been an easy decision -- even though he is a competent player.

This should be an interesting one to watch over the course of the next year. Not sure what ends up happening, but we shall find out eventually...

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