Jaylen Brown starting to come around

And you probably thought the Celtics absolutely blew their 2016 NBA draft…

Sure, you could say, overall, they did a pretty terrible job by not trading many of their picks and not using their picks effectively because they already had a sound NBA roster, but we knew Jaylen Brown would make the roster. After all, he was the third overall pick — even if his college shooting percentage was subpar at best. He drew some Paul Pierce comparisons for being a one-year college guy who plays small forward and the whole Celtics thing, but let’s pretend no one ever said that and just focus on Brown and exactly what he’s done this season.

It’s mostly been a reserve role for the first-year player, but that’s slowly creeping upward. He got the start of the C’s first February game and in January, he started four of the 13 games he played. In his last four games, he’s played 99 minutes — which is nearly 25 minutes per game.

Oh, and the C’s still have Jae Crowder, so he’s fighting for that time. Might also be worth noting he’s still only averaging 14.4 minutes per game, so he’s essentially working his way up into a bigger role.  That’s what happens when you drop 20 points on the Orlando Magic, dawg.


Not to mention the guy is only 20 years old and he’s in the NBA. That’s pretty incredible. His birthday and my birthday would mean we would’ve been in the same grade in school. Just goes to show how young he is and it’ll take a few years before you can start to criticize him. By then, he’ll probably be like a superstar or something, so that might not be the best example.

But yeah, folks, just sit back and watch this young player blossom in front of your eyes. It’ll be well worth it. Maybe he’s a building block in this dynasty the C’s are trying to piece together. We shall see.


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