Jaylen Brown coming out with a rap album

The Boston Celtics do more than just play basketball.

If you really think about it, these guys are just human beings who are really good at basketball. So yeah, basketball is not their only interest. Some of them like to go fly kites, some of them like to listen to political talk radio and some of them like to listen to music. Heck, some of them even like to rap themselves. I know that’s one of Jaylen Brown’s many interests.

In the past, Brown revealed he recites his own raps in his head during warmups before actually playing in a basketball fan. Well the good news for Celtics fans, who have no idea what beat he is reciting, is that they get to hear it in the near future. That’s because Brown is releasing an album called “Jaythoven”. What a name! It combines his name and Beethoven. That’s clever and I like it.

In case you’re wondering what the theme of his music will be, Brown is from the Atlanta area. He has friendships who two rappers who are local to that area who call themslerves “Gucci Mane” and “Future”. He also has tweeted at some dude named “Lil’ B the Based God” and told Slam Magazine he likes the sound of trap music. I don’t listen to rap (a lot of the songs have negative messages), so I have no idea what any of this stuff is, but I think the song Dark Horse is considered trap.

I also thought trap music wasn’t popular anymore, but hey, whatever gets Jaylen Brown in the mood to score some points. Right?

Seriously though: Brown is in his second year with the Celtics, so his playing time is going to increase. They’re gonna need the wing to show his worth since he may be in their starting five.

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