Jaroslav Halak's new mask is very cool

Jaroslav Halak's new mask is very cool

If you think any other teams are going to score goals on the Boston Bruins this season then first of all, you're absolutely right. They will score at least 100 goals on the Bruins this season but probably not more than 220 (that's a big range on purpose).

But second of all, maybe your prediction will change after seeing the sweet new helmet the team's backup goaltender is going to sport this season.

Some people may call Jaroslav Halak a "has been" and they have that right because of free speech and what not. However, they will probably like him a lot better once the design he has going on this season. Check it out:



That's right: it's a brick wall. There's an old saying out there, "you are what you eat" and while we don't think he should eat bricks, it's good that he has that mentality out there. He wants to be a brick wall. It's like how Bruce Lee thinks about how you become the tea cup and all that. It's deep and paraphrasing him doesn't do it justice.

But yeah, it's definitely good that the Bruins have a guy with a lot of experience as their backup. Granted, Tuukka Rask is one heck of a Bruins employee, you need two guys back there who can do the job (or three if you're the Las Vegas Golden Knights who stole Malcolm Subban from the Bruins but hey, it's whatever at this point).

Oh yeah, and if you're not confident in Halak based solely on his mask and you're not a numbers kind of a person, maybe seeing some of his old highlights will have you believing in him. That said, check these out:

Face it: you love Halak now and know he will lead the Bruins to the promised land.

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