Jacoby Brissett Eager to Learn from Brady

(Jan. 29, 2016 - Source: Michael Chang/Getty Images North America)
(Jan. 29, 2016 – Source: Michael Chang/Getty Images North America)

All the New England Patriots needed was a backup quarterback for the first four weeks of the season. Even Ryan Lindley would have been fine. But they saw someone they liked in the draft, so they came away with yet again another potential Tom Brady successor.

It seemed like a wasted draft pick when the Pats snagged Jacoby Brissett in the third round of this year’s draft. But clearly, the Pats like something about him if they went with him in the third round instead of curbing one of their other needs with the pick (offensive line perhaps).

Brissett said his biggest focus isn’t so much on the quarterback situation as it is him learning from Tom Brady. In recent years, it has worked out alright for Matt Cassel, Brian Hoyer and even Ryan Mallett. Yeah, it pays to sit behind Brady for a few years.

The way Brissett’s scouting report looks, he does not seem like the kind of guy New England usually picks. He has a strong arm and is mobile. But he seems to make a lot of mistakes, lacks deep ball accuracy and holds onto the ball too long.

But here’s him torching some college guys to get you pumped up:

He looks like the kind of guy who could have a 55-yard touchdown run in garbage time this season.

Could Brissett end up being the starting quarterback for the Patriots for the first four games? That is possible. But then remember: there’s a guy named Jimmy Garoppolo who could probably do a pretty good job.

Brissett is receiving praise already because of his first press conference, already being dubbed the “perfect Patriot”. Whether or not that means he will be a Pro Bowl quarterback one day doesn’t have to do with that. It just means he seems to have the right attitude and it could serve him well — the kind of attitude Johnny Manziel lacks.

Brissett will wear number seven for the Patriots and to put it this way, it wouldn’t take much for him to be the best player to sport the number in team history.

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