It's going really good for the Celtics right about now

It's going really good for the Celtics right about now

Hey, Boston Celtics fans: smile. Be happy. The world is not that bad of a place. I mean, there's some good and some bad but lately, it's been pretty good to be a Celtics fan.

Remember when the team started the year out at 9-9 and some were ready to press the panic button? (And yes, the panic button is different than the Staples "that was easy" button). Well, panic no more because the ship is being steered in the right direction as of late.

That's right, at 14-10 through 24 games, the Celtics have now won four of the last five matchups. Honestly, that is quite good, you have to admit. And sometimes, you need to beat up on a bad team to not only gain some confidence, but get the fundamentals going right. That's why you see a college football team like Alabama or Clemson playing against a Division 8 school like Jimmy Carter School of Agricultural Technique (who doesn't have a football program) or the Hungarian national handball team (who doesn't know the rules to football) the first week of their seasons.

And by this I mean it was great to see the Celtics shellac the New York Knicks--even though they are the Knicks and that's pretty much expected.

But you know what? The team is moving in the right direction on offense this season. They're up to 109.3 points per game and while that's still below-average (because scoring in the NBA is crazy these days), at least they are no longer dead last in this category.

With a lot of basketball left to be played this season, all we can really ask from the Celtics is for them to make progress--and for Gordon Hayward to get 100 percent healthy at some point. When that happens, the rest of the league needs to watch out.

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