Isles problems will help Bruins fans sleep at night

This is the part of the year where the Boston Bruins usually crash, burn, die and make you cry. You’ll be like that song Mariah Carey tried singing at New Year’s Rockin’ Eve this past December 31/Jan. 1.

We’re coming up on that last stretch of the year where the Bruins are in the playoff hunt, but they need to keep their heads on straight, otherwise they could collapse. I think I know where I’ve seen this before. Maybe try the last two seasons…

But instead of worrying about the Bruins and losing sleep over them, maybe you want to feel just a little bit better about yourself and their chances this season–and it has nothing to do with the team itself. Instead, do yourself a favor and think about the standings for a quick minute.

As you probably noticed, the New York Islanders are a team in the hunt for that wildcard spot the Bruins are trying to hold onto right now. Well, they just lost Ryan Strome with a broken wrist on Thursday, according to one of the greats in NY Hockey Media.

Strome’s been a pretty good player this year. He’s got 30 points (13 goals, 17 assists) in 69 games and regularly puts in 14-15 minutes on the ice per game. Might not seem like the biggest role in the game, but that right there is a valuable contributor if I had to say so myself.

You never really wish for another human being to get hurt, but it helps the B’s out. It’s like how no one wanted Kevin Durant to get hurt–they just wanted their favorite team to be better than his–but if it happens, it gives the other basketball teams an edge.  So to recap, you don’t want it to happen, but you’ve got to capitalize on the opportunity at hand and for the Bruins, that’s a slightly better shot at holding onto that wildcard spot.

Don’t know what a wildcard is? This should explain it:

And yeah guys, I really did just figure out what the Italics button did.


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