Isaiah Thomas wants Kevin Durant on the Celtics

He’s been openly recruiting one of the best players in the game. And no one could possibly be mad about it.

Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas is establishing himself as one of the great young up and coming players in the NBA. But he cannot succeed on his own. The C’s did not have that go-to scorer last year and Thomas seems to want that to change. He has pretty much worked this offseason to try to entice Kevin Durant to sign with Boston.

It looks like the Celtics will have a chance to pitch Durant on Sunday. And Thomas said he wants to be in on it. Just imagine them playing side-by-side. They’d be tough to stop.

From what Thomas is saying, he really seems to think the Celtics can land KD. He mentioned Durant saying he loves Boston, so that definitely helps. It also does not hurt that the Celtics are on the rise.

Danny Ainge’s son, Austin, said the Celtics do not have an issue with Thomas’ desire to be involved with the process.

It doesn’t hurt when the best player on your team has a little influence either.

The Celtics still have a ton of draft picks and while they kind of disappointed in this past NBA draft, they do have a lot of pieces to move and a young man named Jaylen Brown, who looks like he could be an immediate contributor. After all, we know he can dunk.

Even if it is not Durant, the Celtics need some sort of a superstar to separate themselves from everyone else in the Eastern Conference.

And if the Celtics can land Durant, maybe they get Durant to call up one of his friends and reenact the Miami Heat situation of five years ago. It won them two championships. There’s no shame in that.

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