Isaiah Thomas puts himself in elite company

We get it: Isaiah Thomas is the best player on the Boston Celtics this season. Like, it’s not even close. It’s him then miles of open road then you get to whoever the second best guy is. Not sure who that would be (Al Horford, maybe?), but that’s pretty irrelevant right now.

What matters is Thomas not only put himself in elite company this year the way he’s been playing, but in terms of Celtics history, He now holds a pretty special spot. Maybe it’ll change the way you think of him, or maybe you just thought he was such a studly beast already, that you’ll just kind of shrug and say, “That’s the IT we all know and love.” Regardless, here it is:

In the Celtics loss to the Bucks on Wednesday, IT put up 32 points. That put him over the 2,000 point mark on the season; he is just the 6th Celtics player to ever do that. And if you think about it that puts him in some elite company.

Sam Jones, John Havlicek, Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Paul Pierce are the other guys who have done what Thomas is doing this season. Oh yeah, and by the way, Thomas is averaging 29.2 points per game this year–as a point guard. If that don’t impress you, I don’t know what does.

So yeah, you might take IT for granted at this point, but he’s really, really special. Definitely more hot than cold.

It’s pretty amazing when a point guard can do anything for a team, let alone drop that many points in a year. It’s like you probably thought trading Rajon Rondo wasn’t a good idea at the time, but no one even thinks about that dude anymore. It’s like Jacoby Ellsbury, except no one gave a hoot when Ellsbury left and JBJ ain’t as good as IT.

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