Isaiah Thomas is fuming at the Celtics front office

Understandably, Isaiah Thomas probably doesn’t like the Boston Celtics much anymore.

Reflecting on last season, the former Celtics point guard said it was the best year of his career (well, duh, I think we all know that), but what else he said is a little surprising.

Thomas told reporters that it was also the worst year of his life.

A major reason for this is because his sister, Chyna, died in April when the Celtics were in the playoffs. That in itself would make it the worst year of someone’s life, but the Celtics made things worse on Thomas.

Remember, Thomas was doing a bunch of recruiting to try to build up a winning team in Boston. He helped them get Gordon Hayward. He helped them get them get Al Horford–and then he was shipped off to the Cleveland Cavaliers in a deal for Kyrie Irving. So yeah, we know he’s on the rival now. He might be on a team that can win an NBA championship, but he said he can never forgive Danny Ainge for trading him. In fact, he said he might not ever speak to him again.

And if we’re being honest, he has that right…

Thomas wanted to be a Celtic. He wanted to grow with the Celtics. He wanted to win a ring with the Celtics. But no, the Celtics traded him for another elite point guard. That had to hurt his ego too.

The C’s must’ve been concerned about his hip if they were willing to deal him though. Plus Kyrie wanted to leave Cleveland because of his beef with LeBron James. In that sense, the deal makes sense for the Celtics. But still, Thomas emerged as a favorite player for the Celtics–kind of like Nomar with the Red Sox.

We’ll have to let this year play out before deciding if this was a good decision or not for the Celtics.

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