Isaiah Thomas-Celtics reunion would be interesting

Isaiah Thomas-Celtics reunion would be interesting

This isn’t an original idea of mine but hey, Britney Spears didn’t write one single word of “... Baby One More Time”, so there you go.

The Big Lead wrote what initially seemed to be some sort of a clickbait-ish article called “The Case for Isaiah Thomas to come back to Boston”. Not sure why I clicked on it because I don’t like clickbait, but it really is pretty interesting.

Clearly, his career has kind of gone off the rails since leaving Boston. He was devastated to be traded from the Celtics in a trade the Celtics have clearly won at this point. We know that because he had a hip issue and the Cleveland Cavaliers dealt him. If they thought he’d help the LeBron James crew, then he’d still be in Ohio.

Thomas is literally LONZO FREAKIN BALL’s backup now.

Thomas has played 25.9 minutes per game and has a .365 shot rate thus far. There’s not going to be a max contract for him, not even close. He’s a backup on an 11th place team. That’s a huge drop off in production

Remember, Thomas thrived under Brad Stevens and the Boston Celtics system. The team also won games with him averaging 28.9 points per game in the process.

Stevens also said he doesn’t care about having specific positions on the court, so he’d probably be able to play alongside Kyrie Irving if we’re being honest. What a spectacle that would be, dawg.

The Celtics are already one of the best teams in the game, but getting a boost like that would be huge. Maybe it’s because they had some negative momentum headed into the All-Star break--dropping three straight--but it’s definitely worth exploring, at least.

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