Injuries piling up for the Celtics

Injuries piling up for the Celtics

Just when you thought the Celtics couldn’t get any worse luck with injuries, they did.

This is not looking so hot for the guys in green. The Celtics have had terrible luck with health as this season has progressed, as you know. Obviously, Gordon Hayward was the big one at the start of the season and there’s been some rough luck with it in March. However, these injuries just keep adding up since there were two more this week.

Both point guards Terry Rozier (ankle) and Shane Larkin (illness) were ruled out for the C’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks. That said, the C’s had no ball-handlers on their roster which is never a good sign.

Think about it: Kyrie Irving (knee) and Marcus Smart (thumb) were already out, so who the heck are the Celtics supposed to turn to there? Is there a name? A competent name you feel comfortable with out there during the playoffs? Kadeem Allen, who primarily played in the G League might be their guy for now. That’s their No. 5 option at the spot. Nothing against him, but given the choice between Allen and say, Kyrie Irving, the choice is pretty obvious.

These injuries have also had the ol’ trickle down effect to the rest of the team. Not having a really dependable point guard on the roster leaves the team expecting more out of Al Horford and Jayson Tatum. They have to play point forward essentially at this point. That’s not a natural fit.

Currently, the Celtics are down six players if you count Hayward. The other guy that has yet to be mentioned here is Daniel Theis, who is out with a knee injury.

This is not an ideal situation for the Celtics by any means, and they just have to keep playing through it. There’s no insurance for them here. This is it and they have to play to win with the postseason fast approaching.

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