The Red Sox reach the WS, and they'll face their former players

The Red Sox reach the WS, and they'll face their former players

So the Red Sox are in the World Series,  and they are in an interesting spot. Some of the guys on the team may have the opportunity to face some of their former Red Sox teammates. If the Brewers win the NL, there would be a couple of former Red Sox players and the Dodgers have another, so that's cool. Let's break it down.


Travis Shaw (2B) -- That's right: the Brewers have him playing second base for his offensive production. They got Mike Moustakas at the deadline, so they're an offense-first team. Shaw blasted 32 homers during the regular season, so that's something.

Wade Miley -- If the Brewers make it to the World Series, Wade Miley would end up getting a start. No joke. He shined in 16 starts for the Brewers during the regular season, posting a 2.57 ERA despite having a low strikeout rate.


Rich Hill -- The Milton, Mass. native revitalized his career with the Red Sox in 2015 and is still thriving because of it. He is one of the Dodgers better starters. He posted a 3.66 ERA (25 appearances, including 24 starts) during the regular season. It would be amazing if he made a World Series start at Fenway Park, just saying.

Oh, and Dave Roberts is the Dodgers manager. 

Regardless of which team wins, it would be cool to see these guys in the World Series. Funny enough, they were all on the Red Sox in 2015. Crazy.

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