Eat Artisan Hot Dogs & Win Cool Prizes On The Camberville Hot Dog Crawl

Eat Artisan Hot Dogs & Win Cool Prizes On The Camberville Hot Dog Crawl

The fourth annual Camberville Hot Dog Crawl has arrived! From now until Sunday, December 20 you can savor four delicious hotdog creations from three different locations and possibly win some fabulous prizes in the process.

The event is typically held in the summer, but this year 2020 had other plans for us. This weekend you can break out of your home and enjoy a safe, socially distanced version of the relatively new, but already beloved event.

Head to Roxy’s Grilled Cheese in Allston and order the Camberville Hot Dog Special: Three Cheese Grilled Cheese w/ quarter pound Pearl hot dog + house made cherry pepper relish. Roxy's does not typically serve hot dogs, but they have made some incredible creations over the past three years!

Next, visit Trina’s Starlite Lounge in Inman Square which is typically closed for the season, but currently open for takeout and delivery only. They offer several hot dogs on their menu including a Dog-of-the-Day. What will they create for this year's crawlers??

And finally, visit Buenas at Bow Market in Somerville. They specialize in South American cuisine - could there be a spicy empanada-inspired dog in your future?

Sadly, the final stop on last year's Hot Dog Crawl, The Automatic, closed earlier this year, another casualty of the pandemic.

Be sure to snap pics of your dogs and tag them on Instagram (tag @cambervillehotdogcrawl and use the hashtag #CambervilleHotDogCrawl).

Once you've consumed all four tubular meat-treats, send a DM for a chance to win free swag! Raffle winners will be announced on Monday December 21.

You have all weekend to eat the four hot dogs and submit your pics, but if you want to binge them all in one day, go for it! Note: you do not have to visit the stops in any particular order.

All locations on the hot dog crawl will be offering takeout and/or delivery only in compliance with COVID-19 safety protocols. Whenever possible, crawlers are asked to order directly through each restaurant's website.

Be sure to tip! The 2020 hot dog crawl is all about supporting local businesses!

You can also pre-order T-shirts and hoodies to commemorate your hot dog eating skills. The proceeds from the sale of these items will benefit the participating restaurants as they will be used to buy gift cards which will serve as raffle prizes. Get your merch here!

Before you head out, visit the crawl's official Facebook and/or Instagram pages for updates and to ensure all participating restaurants are open and ready to go. 

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