Haunted New England Part 6: Vermont’s Ghostly Locales

For the final installment of our Haunted New England series, we present Vermont’s most supernaturally charged sites. It was difficult to choose just 6 out of the dozens of spooky colleges, inns and outdoor locations across the Green Mountain State. The sites that made the cut are known for their angry and vengeful spirits – no friendly ghosts here!

Remember, before you decide to play Ghost Hunter, many of these spots are considered private property.

1. Emily’s Bridge, Stowe

This lovely covered bridge in bucolic Stowe looks like something out of a postcard. Most tourists have no idea that it carries a dark history and a ghostly legend that many locals claim to have witnessed. Emily is said to have been a scorned lover who hung herself from the rafters one fateful night when her fiance failed to meet her there. They were planning to run away and elope, but instead the night ended in tragedy. Emily’s spirit haunts the bridge to this day complete with strange apparitions, flickering lights and spooky sounds.



2. The Eddy House, Chittendon

The Eddy children – William, Horatio and Mary were born with psychic gifts that supposedly ran in the family for generations. Out of fear or jealousy, their father Zepaniah – who did not share their gift – sold them into the servitude of a travelling sideshow where they were horribly abused for 14 years.

After their father’s death, the Eddy kids moved back to their childhood home which had been converted into an inn called the Green Tavern. There they reestablished their psychic abilities, holding seances for their guests for the remainder of their lives.

A beautiful September morning at the High Life Ski Lodge. Days are warm, but the evenings are cool.

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The Eddy House is now home to the High Life Ski Club Lodge, but all the paranormal energy the Eddy children possessed remains in their former home… not to mention the dozens of spirits they conjured over the years.


3. Glastonbury Mountain, Glastonbury

Rumored to be the site of a cursed Native American burial ground, Glastonbury Mountain has a history of unsolved disappearances and disturbing occurrences. All hiking trails come to an abrupt end halfway up the mountain as if forewarning visitors to go no further. Those who do venture on describe utter silence amidst a gorgeous woodland landscape that should be teeming with wildlife and birdsong… very eerie.



4. Bowman House, Shrewsbury

This stately manor just looks haunted and according to legend, these looks are not deceiving. The apparition of a woman, believed to be Mrs. Bowman, has been seen here, and apparently she does not take kindly to bratty behavior. A little girl is rumored to have stuck out her tongue at a portrait on the wall only to have it fly off it’s mount and strike her! Legend has it that those who stand in a dark, mysterious stain at the top of the stairs develop an intense feeling of foreboding and terror.



5. Southern Vermont College

The gorgeous estate of Edward Hamlin Everett was involved in a bitter and contentious legal drama after his death. Could it be that the messy affair angered his spirit and those of his loved ones? Years of students and staff have reported three distinct apparitions lurking in the halls at night. The most commonly reported ghost is that of a person in a black hooded robe; a female form is believed to be the spirit of Everett’s second wife; and Everett himself is witnessed on occasion.


6. White House Inn, Wilmington

Cold spots, slamming doors, full-body apparitions and speaking ghosts are among the reported incidents that have sent some guests fleeing into the night during their stay at the White House Inn. The ringleader of the shenanigans is believed to be the restless spirit of Mrs. Brown, the former mistress of the house.

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