Happy be-earlied birthday, Patrice Bergeron!

Happy be-earlied birthday, Patrice Bergeron!

Looking at the Bruins roster during the offseason is interesting.

Not only do you see how it looks headed into the season, but since there's not much else content you start to look closely at it and notice things you might not have otherwise. This is a prime example of one of those instances.

It turns out that Patrice Bergeron has a birthday coming up. That's right: Bergeron was born on July 24th. This year, he will turn 34. That's because he was born in 1985.

We here would like to wish Bergeron a happy be-earlied. Sometimes, people will go for the belated if they forget. No. We remembered. The thing is, I'm just so eager to get it out there to the world that it had to be said a week in advance.

What's amazing about Bergeron is how well he has held up as an older NHL player. He's not Zdeno Chara old and in the real world, he's not considered very old at all. However, these are pro sports. In pro sports, 30 is considered old. In the real world, 30 is not old at all. But pro sports are not the real world.

Think about it: Bergeron put up 79 points in 65 games this past season. If he played in every game all year, he would have ended up with 100 points if he kept that same pace. In other words, this guy is a living legend.

Once again, he will play a huge role on the Bruins again next season. That's how it's always been and that's how it always will be. There is no end and no beginning without him.

But yeah, hopefully he has a good birthday. Not really sure what one could get a classy guy like that, but yeah... Big day for him.

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