“Hampton Beach Named Best Beach Boardwalk in America” (?!)

No, guys, it’s not April Fools; this is true according to Coastal Living.  Hampton Beach, NH can proudly boast this title all summer long.  Their readers have voted and this is what happens in a democracy.

Now, I am not saying this isn’t true – or that I’ve even been to enough other boardwalks in America to know.  But what I do know is that Hampton Beach has great people watching, karaoke, and late night Chinese food – all things that boardwalk voters like.

Whether you agree with this vote or not, you should check out Hampton Beach this summer if not for anything else then the fact it’s a beach and summer in New England.  We reccomend cutting the sleeves off your favorite Chowdaheadz tee before going – trust us, you’ll blend in better.

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