Gordon Hayward is a blogger now too

Gordon Hayward is a blogger now too

Let's not sell this one short: it's pretty amazing.

No, it's not the fact that Gordon Hayward will be back with the Boston Celtics next season and presumably healthy. That's cool. But you know what really stands out? The fact that Hayward has a blog now!

That's right! Hayward is just like all of the other Boston sports bloggers out there. He recently put out a post on his site GordonHayward20.life (what a URL, very weird one) giving an update on his progress. And yes, it's under his byline. Therefore, if you add the two things together, that makes Hayward a Boston sports blogger. After all, he plays for the Celtics and if he his blogging about his career, then that makes him a Celtics blogger. Very cool.

His most recent entry is pretty much what you'd expect. Its title is, "Won't be long now". That's his way of saying he feels good and is working hard and is looking forward to playing this upcoming season. In other words, it's the same mush that pro athletes give all of the time. The only difference is he--or someone associated with him--wrote it.

It's cool though: this is Hayward's own way of relaying information to the public without the middle man. He doesn't need Dan Shaughnessy's interpretation of what he said out there; he just needs his message out there.

This also brings up an interesting point: why don't more athletes do more of this? They have an opportunity in the internet and social media age to get all of their info out there without a third party being involved. It's something they should all really take advantage of. After all, this is the best time to live in human history, so they should be living it up to the fullest extent, right? Right.

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