Gordon Hayward had the best diet when rehabbing his ankle injury

Gordon Hayward had the best diet when rehabbing his ankle injury

Being injured in the NBA seems like it would be rough. For Gordon Hayward, however, it sounds like at least some of his recovery process was pretty sweet.

Hayward recently did an interview with GQ (Gentlemen's Quarterly) and they asked him how he adjusted his food intake from the time he got hurt to the time he got up and active again a few months after his ankle injury last season. Here's what he had to say.

"Right at the beginning, they kind of told me that I could eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and to eat a lot," he said. "My body had gone through such a major trauma, and it was burning a lot of calories while it was healing itself. As that process started to fade away, though, we started to watch what I was eating again. I would go to Chipotle and get, like, two soft tacos with chicken and pico, and that was it. That was tough for me, because when anyone in the world goes to Chipotle, they're getting a nice big burrito, and maybe some chips and guacamole. That was the hard part."

And by eating whatever he wanted, he is dead serious. That's exactly what he did.

"Oh, I was eating full boxes of a dozen doughnuts, cake, cookies—I was going to town," he said. "They were just like, "Live this part up, because you won't be able to do it soon." I was for sure eating everything I could."

That's amazing. That almost makes me want to get good at basketball, get hurt and then suffer for months through a recovery process.

In all seriousness though, the good thing is that Hayward is able to play basketball again--and the Celtics season is not as bad as some are saying. After all, the team is 11-4 in their last 15 games, for whatever that is worth.

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