Go Sledding With Rescue Dogs Year-Round In NH

Go Sledding With Rescue Dogs Year-Round In NH

There doesn't have to be snow on the ground for you to experience the thrill of a dogsled ride! At Dog Sled NH in Jefferson, New Hampshire you can meet, play, and ride with the pups any time of year.

Best of all, many of them are rescue and second chance dogs!

Dog-sledding is typically associated with winter, but at Dog Sled NH, they do things a bit differently.

Riders over two-years-old are encouraged to meet and greet the 80+ dogs, help harness and hitch their team, and even help drive the sled!

The two mile cart tour begins with a 30 minute meet-and-greet between the riders and the sled dogs.

Once the team is ready to go, the scenic ride through the mountainside property lasts approximately 20 minutes.

At the end, visitors show their gratitude by showering the dogs with belly rubs and pats.

For folks who just want to get to know the pups, there's the one-hour K9s & Kisses option.

This interactive social hour takes place most Mondays through Fridays at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. and lets guests get up close and personal with the 80+ canine athletes.

You'll hear all about each dog's unique story and check out how a traditional working kennel operates. And, of course, snuggle with some super-sweet pups!

The dogs that call Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel home come from three different backgrounds:

  • Muddy Paw Dogs – these are the old timers (or offspring of the old timers) that have been with the owner since he first started mushing years ago and/or are part of our selective breeding program.
  • Second Chance Sled Dogs – these are sled dogs that come to us from wonderful working backgrounds and were generally taken really great care of but needed somewhere else to call home (perhaps their musher was looking to retire or downsize the team).
  • Rescue Sled Dogs – these are the sled dogs that come to us from “ruff” backgrounds and typically find their way to us with the help of other animal organizations. These working dogs often need somewhere else to call home for their safety and overall wellbeing.

Regardless of their background, all the sled dogs find a home for life in Jefferson, NH. According to the website:

"Should a sled dog lose interest in running or for health/age reasons have to retire, they typically live out their retirement days as a 'couch dog' with a staff member or are paired up with a great adoptive home." 

What better way to get some fresh air and rescue canine therapy!

To learn more and book your dogsled adventure, visit the Dog Sled NH website.

While you're there, you can also check out their white water river rafting trips and classes!

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