This New Hampshire Glamping Resort Brings Luxury To The Great Outdoors

This New Hampshire Glamping Resort Brings Luxury To The Great Outdoors

Do you love the beauty of nature, but avoid camping due to its not-so-attractive aspects like bugs, poison ivy and sleeping on dirt? If so, "glamping" at Albany, New Hampshire's Huttopia is perfect for you!

Glamping combines the words glamour and camping to describe an experience that is a little bit wild and a whole lot sheltered!


At Huttopia you have your choice of finely appointed tents or cabins - each with real beds made up for your comfort. Instead of musty old sleeping bags, you rest on actual mattresses, pillows, sheets and blankets.


Rather than wandering into the trees for a potty break, many of Huttopia's cabins feature en-suite bathrooms. That's right, no holes in the ground or leaves for toilet paper!


Whether you are looking for a romantic weekend or a family vacation, Huttopia has accommodations to suit your needs - including some units with kitchens!


You are even welcome to bring your furry family members along!

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When it comes to recreation, you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the nearby lake...


Or opt for the safety and comfort of the heated swimming pool instead.


There's even a playground for the kids  - for when they're not busy kayaking, canoing, paddleboarding or fishing!


When it comes time for dinner, you can cook hotdogs and S'mores over your personal fire pit or sample Huttopia's homemade pizza!

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Didn't bring enough provisions? No problem! The lodge store has groceries, wine and all the essentials you may need. At Huttopia, you'll never have to "rough it" again!

Ready to book a glamping vacation at Huttopia? Click here!


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