Experience Authentic Dinos At Gillette Stadium's Jurassic Quest

Experience Authentic Dinos At Gillette Stadium's Jurassic Quest

Want an excuse to safely get out into the world and see some authentic-looking dinosaurs? Gillette Stadium and Kraft Sports + Entertainment has got you covered.

 Throughout September they are hosting Jurassic Quest, a drive-through dinosaur experience. The event begins Friday Sept. 4 and runs every Wednesday through Sunday until Sept. 20.

Navigate your vehicle through an ancient world right in the Gillette Stadium parking lot. Weave among herds of dinosaurs from the Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic Periods, including Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptors and Brontosauruses.

“Jurassic Quest is the first event of its kind we’ve hosted, and we look forward to welcoming guests to this safe, educational and family-friendly experience beginning this Friday, Sept. 4,” said Julia Pagliarulo, a spokeswoman for the Kraft organization.

Jurassic Quest is a travelling experience which normally invites tourists to walk among its dinosaurs at their local convention centers and arenas. However, they have adjusted the adventure to fit the social distancing requirements of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We put the dinosaurs back in their habitat,” said Dustin Baker, a Jurassic Quest PR specialist. “Actually, it’s a really cool experience to see the dinosaurs and see the trees and sky.”

The tour is guided by digital audio and includes more than 70 life-sized dinosaurs, including all the usual favorites, ancient aquatic reptiles, and even baby dinosaurs carried in the arms of Jurassic Quest park rangers for visitors to enjoy through their car windows.

Have a dino-related question? There is a dino doctor on-hand to provide all the answers via text.

“Jurassic Quest’s herd of animatronic dinos are displayed in realistic scenes that allow guests to experience them roaring and moving from their own vehicles as they drive their way through the tour,” the event website notes.

All visitors receive a free, safari-style family photo in their vehicles against a dinosaur backdrop. You can also opt for tour add-ons, including an “Explorer Pack” that has three dinosaur surprises, a “Tracker Pack” that has three dinosaur surprises and crafts and activities to do at home, and a “Trainer Pack” that includes five dinosaur surprises plus crafts and activities to do at home.

Tickets are now available online only at JurassicQuest.com/events/drive-thru-boston -- there will be no tickets available at the gate. Guests can purchase drive-thru tickets for an assigned time slot for $49 per vehicle, and $80 for passenger vehicles that seat 9-15 people. Motorcycles and similar vehicles are not permitted.

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