Gerald Green puts out plea to help Houston

You probably remember Gerald Green for being great at dunking basketballs and mimicking Dee Brown’s no-look dunk and winning that contest like a decade ago. That’s the reason why I remember him so well. But he is giving us all a fair reminder that what pro athletes do off the court has more of an impact on the world.

Amid Hurricane Harvey, the former Celtic and NBA free agent is doing what he can to help rescue people impacted by the flooding in the Southeast Texas area. After all, he is a Houston native himself.

Green put out a plea on Instagram this week seeking people with boats who can potentially come out and help get to people who are stuck. When he posted the video, he was driving on the road, but warned others to not do the same.

Mind a little of the language, but here’s the video he put out. Besides, if you’re Irish Catholic, you’ve probably heard much worse in your house.

Now that’s a guy who cares about his community. He does not really seem to care about Instagram live to say the least, but it provided him with an outlet to go out and help people. That’s what’s really important amid such a terrible time in Houston that has impacted the lives of millions. In all, the total impact of the storm will be in the billions of dollars range.

Of course, the human beings are more important than the material goods which is why it is so important to have people like Green who are able to help them out. It also just goes to show that being fortunate enough to play in the NBA has given him the means to give back when the community needs leaders. That’s huge and not everyone would do that.


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