Frozen Hoagies Is Boston's Original Ice Cream Sandwich Truck

Frozen Hoagies Is Boston's Original Ice Cream Sandwich Truck

Other food trucks may serve cookie and ice cream sandwiches, but according to Frozen Hoagies, they did it first, and they continue to do it best.

With more than a dozen different ice cream and cookie combinations made fresh while you wait, how can you resist giving them a try?

What began as a single Boston ice cream truck on July 4, 2011 has grown to include two brick-and-mortar locations in Somerville and Winchester.

These locations double as candy shops with all of your fresh favorites available in bulk. You can also order additional treats not available on the food truck, including frappes, sundaes, espresso, and more!

Frozen Hoagies is currently closed to foot traffic due to the COVID-19 crisis, but they are still offering take-out service at their Winchester location and you can still spot their Original Hand-scooped Ice Cream Sandwich Truck around Boston.

Each Frozen Hoagie is made with soft homemade cookies from original family recipes and small-batch, hand-scooped ice cream from Rancatore's in Lexington.

The result is a perfectly decadent ice cream sandwich created from only the finest ingredients in Massachusetts with no preservatives.

Try the Somerville made from two Nutella stuffed cookies with Tiger's Milk Ice Cream, the North Ender with Fudge Brownie cookies and Holy Moly Cannoli Ice Cream, or an old-fashioned Boston Common with Chocolate Chip cookies and Vanilla Ice Cream.

Place an online order or call (617) 620-6810 for take-out and delivery from the Winchester shop. 

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