Friday’s at Atwood’s Tavern

Chilled People, Chilled Drinks and Chilled Music is what a Friday’s at Atwood’s Tavern looks like. So, for you folks out there in Greater Boston area or in Somerville are interested in all of the above, make sure you stop by on a Friday evening.

Need a break from your hectic 10 to 5 job? Need to get out of the house and meet some new interesting people? Need to make your Friday night epic?

With Atwood’s Tavern’s amazing ambiance and live music culture, there’s never a dull Friday night here in Cambridge. Speaking of live music, have you guys had the opportunity to listen to Tim Gearan yet?! If not, you definitely need to change that right now. Located in Somerville, Massachusettes, Tim Gearan’s Friday nights at Atwood’s Tavern has been drawing crowds for years, yes years.

Being a rising artist from our own neighborhood, Tim and his terrific band keeps the party going every Friday night at Atwood’s Tavern! Whether it is rock, folk, americana or blues, Tim and his band never fails to amaze us with their terrific performances. From making your heart sink a little to making to heart dance, Tim’s original songs are going to make you feel a rush of all sorts of emotions. And if you’re looking forward to listening to something different, let him know and he might even perform some good old classics for the crowd.

Whether you plan to catch up with your friends over a few drinks or choose to enjoy a glass of wine with some delicious clam chowder by yourself, a great Friday Night is guaranteed at Atwood’s Tavern. By the end of the night, you’ll all be blissfully swaying from side to side, recalling old memories with old friends, creating new memories with new friends, and leaving with big, happy smiles. For directions and more information, please visit the Atwood’s Tavern website now!

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