Former Patriots Super Bowl champs could be coaches soon

Former Patriots Super Bowl champs could be coaches soon

Talk about some really cool news!

The New England Patriots are a dynasty. That is a fact. Rob Gronkowski no longer plays for them. That is also a fact. OK. Well how about some former legends joining the team's coaching staff? Is that a fact? At this time, it is being floated around as a possibility -- an interesting possibility.

According to Pro Football Talk, the team might add a few of its former greats to the coaching staff. We're talking about players like Troy Brown, Kevin Faulk and Deion Branch. Absolute legends with Super Bowl rings on their fingers and everything like that.

ESPN's Mike Reiss said the guys recently helped the team run some drills at practice. Reiss then wonders if the team is looking to use one of them, or all of them, to fill a void on the team's coaching staff.

You see, assistant coach Joe Judge has two roles. He is not only the wide receives coach, but also the special teams coach. You can't really coach two different groups of guys at once and devote all of the needed time and energy to them.

This seems to fit in a pattern for Belichick. He does hire his former players every now and then to coach under him. Remember, the current Patriots linebackers coach is Jerod Mayo. And Raymond Ventrone, who played for the Patriots in 2005 to 2008, served as the special teams assistant from 2015 to 2017.

It's worth noting that Brown has a pretty sweet gig where he does some stuff on camera with NBC 10 Boston after Patriots games, so it's unclear if he wants to give that up.

But honestly, seeing any of those guys back with the Patriots would definitely be a cool thing. They're part of the legacy and could help further it.

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