First Time at Fenway: Famous Food at Fenway

First Time at Fenway: Famous Food at Fenway

Foodies rejoice! In part 2 of this series "First Time at Fenway," I’m going to introduce the best of the best concessions served around the park – and yes, that mostly includes “street meat.” Get ready to experience the “balanced diet” of your regular Boston ballpark fan!

Looking for some good old Fenway eats? Look no further than the “street meat” at Fenway! Not familiar with the term? That’s because it is a very Boston term for meat served by the street vendors surrounding Fenway. If you’re looking for the vendor with the best “street meat” don’t shy away from the term when asking a local where you can find it. However, you can’t go wrong with almost any vendor that surrounds the park! Speaking of “street meat” at Fenway, you’ll want to get familiar with the two top choices in the category: Fenway Franks & Sausage Pepper, and Onion on a bun.

Let’s start with the ever-famous “Fenway Frank.” This term refers to the hot dogs served at the park. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking the Fenway Frank is like any other hot dog served at any other ballpark….no, no, no! The Fenway Frank is better! Why? Because unlike any other ballpark hot dogs, which are usually either steamed or grilled, Fenway Franks are instead boiled and grilled (slightly). This allows the Fenway Frank to retain all the juiciness of a boiled dog, but still, have the snap of being lightly grilled. So go ahead and order a Fenway Frank with the works which include ketchup, mustard, relish, and onions!

If you are more of a sausage fan, you are in luck. The sausage, pepper, and onion sandwiches served at Fenway are “outtah the pahk” – not literally, in fact, the best way to enjoy a Sausage, pepper, and onion sandwich is waiting for the concession guy to hand it to you at your seat. So, when you’re sitting in the stands, make sure to listen for the sweet sound of a vendor passing by yelling: “Sausage Heah!” Just make sure when you see them, you yell loud to get his attention and be ready with cash for a quick exchange. You won’t regret it as these sandwiches are “wicked good!”

For more “street meat” and other famous concessions served at Fenway you can also grab a shaved steak sandwich from a vendor on the outside of  the park which you can’t go wrong with or enter the park and feast on concessions such as: soft pretzels, nachos, and of course, peanuts & crackerjacks!



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