Finally! Martin Bakos is a Bruin!!!!

Finally! Martin Bakos is a Bruin!!!!

Who said the Boston Bruins weren't allowed to do anything when it wasn't their season? Nobody did, but it is still kind of unexepected for them to go ahead, take initiative and make a move while everyone is watching the Red Sox roll over every team in sight and gossiping about the New England Patriots. Anyways...

If you thought the Bruins had enough forwards in their system, then prepare to feel incorrect. You know what that is sir or madam? That's because they felt the need to grab another one. That's right, welcome Martin Bakos to Boston, folks. The Bruins signed the 28-year-old Slavic man to a 1-year, 2-way deal worth $700,000, according to our friends at NESN (except, how can they really be our friends when they fired Don Orsillo?)

Bakos was a pro hockey star over in Europe, for what that's worth because their leagues aren't as good as ours, unless we're talking soccer. He played for the Liberec Bili Tygri HC of the Czech Hockey League which even the most diehard hockey fans probably haven't heard of because, I mean, come on. He put up 40 points for them this past season (26 goals, 14 assists) and his team made it to the postseason.

What more can be said about this dude, you may wonder? Well, he played for Slovakia in the Olympics this past winter because, remember, guys who don't play in the NHL can actually play in the Olympics (which is good policy because the Olympics is an exposure only gig). In fact, he's played in over 50 international hockey games, so maybe that's where the Bruins saw him.

So: what will be the role for this guy this year then? it's hard to say. The Bruins are returning their top line and it's a 2-year deal. If all goes well, maybe he can find a spot as the last man to make the cut or something. It's at least a decent depth piece, right?

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