Experience Vermont's Most Elaborate (And Delicious) Maple Creemee

Experience Vermont's Most Elaborate (And Delicious) Maple Creemee

The NY Post eloquently describes an iconic Vermont maple creemee the following way:

"Served in towering swirls in a cup or a waffle cone, a creemee is the simple union of soft-serve ice cream and maple sugar and/or maple syrup. ... The result is a silky treat with an intense maple aroma, a light caramel flavor and an almost coffee-like aftertaste."

A Vermont creemee is simple, light, cool, and delicious, but Canteen Creemee Company  in Waitsfield takes this sweet treat to a whole new level!

Their massive creemee special known as the Bad Larry consists of traditional maple creemee soft-serve, maple crystal, maple drizzle, and maple cookie bits, all piled high on a sugar cone and topped with a huge dollop of homemade maple cotton candy!

The shop also serves other creemee varieties including chocolate, cinnamon, and ginger, as well as seasonal flavors.

Other elaborate ice cream specials include the Apple Crusher with cinnamon and ginger creme, apple chips, apple sauté, cider donut, and cider cream. What better way to welcome fall?

Chocolate fiends will love their Special Brownie concoction with caramel, whipped cream, chocolate creemee, and chocolate dip.

Or sample their decadent dessert tacos with ice cream filling. 

And no visit to the Canteen Creemee Company is complete without a plate of their famous fried chicken! 

You can order up to 32 pieces at a time to share with family and friends, or choose one of their delicious menu sandwiches.

Canteen Creemee Company is open from 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday through Monday.


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