ESPN thinks the Patriots are great this year

Well, at least ESPN seems to like the New England Patriots for something other than deflategate this year.

They released their rankings of each NFL roster based off skill and surprise, surprise, the Pats were the best. (The original ESPN article was an ESPN Insider one that costs money to read, so that’s why it’s not linked.)

Not surprised though. The Pats have a strong team. And not to harp on last year, but so much went wrong late in the season and they still nearly made it to the Super Bowl. In fact, they should have made it to the Super Bowl — and they should have won. The Pats should have beat the Denver Broncos. And if captain forehead and crew could beat the Carolina Panthers, then there is No Doubt the Pats could have too.

Not even Ken Woodley himself could have stopped them.

Even if this whole deflategate thing really does happen and Tom Brady is convicted in Roger Goodell’s kangaroo court, it’s probably going to be the first four games of the season and then Jimmy G. is going to step up, take some decent snaps, win two or three games and then it’s back to Brady. Throwing out an obvious statement here: Brady is a good football player. But the Pats even have a pretty good team without him. He’s just what makes them great.

This article was not brought to you by Frosted Flakes, nor do we promote sugar at breakfast time.

The Patriots season is still three months away but for those who respect ESPN’s opinion, especially when it is pro-New England Patriots, it definitely gives a sense of confidence.

But right now, it is summertime, aka road construction season. Enjoy it while it lasts and then worry about deflategate because the Pats will probably be fine no matter what.

An Aaron Carter video. Let’s leave it at that.

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