EA Sports has some confidence in the Bruins this season

EA Sports has some confidence in the Bruins this season

Whether or not you're a fan of playing video games, you'll like this news as long as you like the Boston Bruins. Why? Because it's going to make them sound pretty good.

NHL19 is the annual EA Sports hockey video game and they have been leaking some of their player ratings before the game drops on September 14 (the date here isn't really the important part). Anyways, they've dropped their top-50 player rankings and the Bruins had three players make the cut. If you think about it, that's quite good because the average team had like 1.67 players make the cut.

Patrice Bergeron earned a 90 overall rating, making him the 18th best player in the game. That makes sense. He's a great centre who has been around for forever at this point.

Guess who also has the same rating as him? Tuukka Rask. However, he was ranked 23rd on their list so apparently, there's different 90s. Some 90s are better than others. But what matters is that Rask is the 4th highest rated goalie in the game.

And, of course, Brad Marchand had to make the list too. If the President of the United States seven years ago--who is a basketball fan and not much of a hockey guy--knew his nickname, that means he must be pretty good But yeah, Marchand was No. 35 on the list and had an 88 overall rating.

It's also worth noting there was a Twitter exchange where greatness recognized greatness when talking about these ratings.

Charlie McAvoy liked that he got an 85 overall--and Jayson Tatum jumped in. Yes, the Celtics player came in and gave him some kind words.



Well, that solves every question I've ever had about the Celtics and Bruins relationship. Never knew if they were friends, but they must be--which is awesome.

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