EA Sports has faith in the Bruins this postseason

EA Sports has faith in the Bruins this postseason

If anyone asks you why you think the Boston Bruins are going to do good this postseason, well then I have a great reason for you to give. Just say it’s because the video game told you that it was going to be the case, then glare at said person, and then walk way. It’s a great way to avoid awkward small talk if you don’t actually want to talk to a person. I learned that the hard way.

But yeah, the very fine people over at EA Sports ran a bunch of playoff simulations on their video game to see which NHL teams will do well in this year’s playoffs.Keep in mind, these are video games, so they’re not always 100 percent accurate, but they a least try to be intellectually honest.

So, here’s the good news: they have the Bruins making it to the Stanley Cup Final. The bad news? Well, they don’t actually think the Bruins are going to win it. Instead, they have the stupid Winnipeg Jets winning the gosh darn thing in seven games. Still, it has to make you feel good that the Bruins could make it to the finals because once you get there, you have a great shot at winning the cup.

They also predicted a long playoff run for the Bruins. This includes a win over the Toronto Maple Leafs in 7 games, a win over the Tampa Bay Lightning in 6 games and a win over the Washington Capitals in 6 games. Now that would be an exhausting playoff run to get to the finals. Plus, if the finals go seven games, then that’s like 26 games of playoffs. That’s a lot of extra hockey, nearly a third of the regular season in length.

All I’m saying is we know the Bruins have won a final in the past, so it could be possible again.