Dwayne Wade thinks Kawhi Leonard could be a Celtic

Dwayne Wade thinks Kawhi Leonard could be a Celtic

The Boston Celtics are getting close to what it takes to win an NBA championship. It most likely will not come this season, but with a healthy Gordon Hayward next year and the addition of some other star player, they should be the favorites to win it all, assuming they can stay healthy.

So if we go down the list of options of guys the C’s could potentially add, who comes to mind. Maybe, Kawhi Leonard? That’s what Dwayne Wade seems to think, and he knows a lot about basketball, so we should probably take his word for it.

Wade told Jordan Schultz of Yahoo! Sports that the deal could happen which is surprising because I didn’t even know Yahoo! existed anymore since Google, YouTube and Facebook monopolized the internet.

Schultz was on the Dan Patrick show and sent the gossip along. He said that there is a toxic environment where Leonard plays--for Gregg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs. That said, they might just have to get of the guy because things aren’t working out.

Leonard has been injured for most of this season; he’s only played in nine games due to a quadriceps injury. Still, the 26-year-old has been an All-Star twice in his NBA career and a Defensive Player of the Year on two occasions as well. Last season, when he was healthy, the guy put up 25.5 points per game. That’s pretty good.

According to WEEI, Leonard is set to earn around $20 million next season and has a $21.3 million player option for the season after that.

That leaves us with the question: would it be worth it to give up a lotto pick for this guy? What do y’all think? I say, go for the gold. Championships don’t come all that often. Go for it.

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