Donald Trump breaks his silence on spygate

Donald Trump breaks his silence on spygate

There's a lot of bad news in the world, but then there's some stuff that will make you feel good.

This was the case on Wednesday morning. There was a lot of news going on around the world, per usual, but then there was some really groundbreaking stuff. President Donald Trump could not stay silent any longer: he knew it was all hogwash from the beginning.


That's right folks, President Trump is the first president to admit that spygate was a sham. While George W. Bush and Barack Obama stayed silent on the topic, Trump had the courage to speak out and finally say what us New Englanders have been thinking for a very long time.

The Patriots sure as heck did not cheat, it was all fake news from that Jon Tomase hack. He even had to apologize for it because it was fake news. We should be glad the most powerful man on the earth can acknowledge that, whether or not you agree with his policies or like him as a person. What really matters now is that the president has the power to pardon people, so he has a chance to make this right.

The Patriots lost a first round pick because of spygate, so I must urge you, President Trump, please absolve the Patriots of their wrongdoing and give them their 2008 first round draft pick back. Not that the Patriots need it or anything, but man would it be nice to have it. Imagine the great defensive piece they could have gotten if they were not stripped of that pick. It just goes to show that life is not always fair, and that people hate on success. If the Patriots went 3-13 in 2007, no one would've said anything.

We know POTUS has a good relationship with Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick and possibly Tom Brady, so this is clearly the spygate he was talking about. Just be thankful we have someone who can make right of this situation. 


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