Don’t even worry about the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals

The Boston Celtics are the No. 1 seed in the east. Whoopdidoo. It means there a good team. In fact, let’s take it a step further and say they had a great year. In fact, they are top-4 teams in the league this year. That’s quite the accomplishment. But this ain’t their banner year, in all likelihood.

The level-headed folks are optimistic about this series with the Cleveland Cavaliers. They want the Celtics to pull off some wins. But the Celtics pretty much already won this year: they won the future.

The bigger Celtics news going on now is how they beat the odds and got the first overall pick in this year’s upcoming draft. Oh, and they still have many draft picks stockpiled, but let’s ignore those for a second. They have the first overall pick, which means they can potentially grab a superstar. Isn’t that exactly what everyone has been saying the Celtics lack or need one more of at the moment?

Well, if that is true, then that should be enough to put the Celtics over the top. Like what the heck is Cleveland gonna do to get that much better this offseason? Probably not as much as the Celtics….

As long as the Celtics don’t take Lonzo Ball, fans can all be happy about it. Just don’t want that LaVar dude being on the news every single day. That would not be fun.

Plus, if we’re box score scouting here, Markelle Fultz put up 23.2 points per game as a freshman for the Washington Huskies, and he’s the projected 1-1. Maybe it’s time to start ordering your jerseys of that dude and start putting expectations on him and Jaylen Brown to step it up next year and lead this team to greatness, alongside Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford, of course. Then, they will have a chance at winning.



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