Does Ryan Seacrest look like Joe Kelly?

Does Ryan Seacrest look like Joe Kelly?

In life, there are certain things that certain people see and others do not.

For example, maybe a person sees the appeal of a certain song by a specific artist and yet, another person doesn’t like that song. And then there’s less subjective things where there is some gray area. That was the case involving one A-list celeb as well as a Boston Red Sox player.

Everyone’s favorite person from American Idol (since Randy left, at least) made an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan. So, for some reason, the show wanted to see who they thought said person, Ryan Seacrest, looked like. And they think they found a match. Check it out.

It’s interesting for sure. It’s interesting that they really think that Seacrest looks like Joe Kelly. Fascinating that their vision is so bad (or good, if that’s what you see, because the customer is always right (within reason)).

First of all, they used a really blurry photo of Joe Kelly. Notice that they zoomed way in on a photo of a photo of him on the jumbotron at Fenway. It hurt my eyes looking at a photo that blurry. All I was really seeing was pixels. It was rough.

Also, Seacrest is like 5-foot-7. There’s no way he could be a baseball player. He’s more on TV for his charm. Joe Kelly, although charming as Jim Buchanan, is on TV because he can throw a fastball in the triple digits. Oh yeah, and Seacrest can’t be a baseball guy if he’s really wearing a Mets hat. He’d know they’re the new joke team that all baseball fans gang up on for a good laugh.

Let’s be honest, the real lookalike for the Red Sox this decade was Bobby Valentine and Ron Paul. Other than that one, not really seeing any.

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