Doc Rivers not so popular with his LA players

Doc Rivers used to be the head coach of the Boston Celtics and if we’re being completely honest, I thought he was an overrated head coach.

Easy to say behind a screen, but that Big 3 plus Rajon Rondo won just one championship, so yeah. OK, now that we cleared that up, let’s get to the real issue.

On Wednesday, Chris Paul got traded from the LA Clippers and a report came out that he “despised” Doc Rivers by the end of his tenure there. Why? Because Doc apparently favored his son, Austin Rivers.  Doc didn’t yell at his son the way he yelled at the other guys and since Austin is the coach’s son, he apparently doesn’t try to fit in with the team, nor does he need to.

It seems like a valid argument too, especially if you look at how Paul Pierce and Doc’s relationship deteriorated in LA. How were they together for such a long time with no issues but when you throw Austin into the mix, it goes awry? Hmm..

OK, this just sounds ridiculous. Anyone who played youth sports or even high school sports or has a kid in that situation knows there are some parents who coach and treat their kids differently. A lot of ’em do a real nice job, but there’s some who don’t whether it’s treating their kid better or lashing out at their kid in front of the whole town.

Fortunately, in the NBA, this problem doesn’t need to exist. There’s one Doc, there’s one Austin and there’s 30 teams. How many of those teams would Austin start for? Would he start outside of LA? Could he help another team win games? Seriously, why do the Clippers need him? They’re not a contender and it’s just gonna create drama which in itself is odd.


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